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The 600 Slugger allows the user to load slugs with a roll turn finish.


The loader is self-inclusive so no need for a vice, drill press, hand drill or spinners. The MEC 600 Slugger is based on the number one selling shotgun cartrige loader in the world - the MEC 600Jr Mark V. 

The loader folds the plastic into the shell in three stages, rolling the plastic onto the slug. This single stage loader provides a quick and simple way to reload slugs for practical shotgun or hunting, with the ease of pulling a handle. The 600 Slugger will load between 100 to 125 rounds per house depending on your recipe. 


Add 'Reloader Set Up' to your basket and we'll set your new loader up!

This includes correct bushings and bar for your loader where applicable. Save time and get to use your loader straight out the box. We will contact you when the order is palced to discuss your requirements. 

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Article Code Price Stock  
Reloader Set Up SETUP £24.00 Yes
12ga Mec 600 Slugger 921312 £389.00 No
20ga Mec 600 Slugger 921320 £389.00 No

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