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Roll Turnover Tools

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Roll Turnover Tools

CGR Roll Turnover Tools are available in all sizes of gauge.

CGR Roll Turnover Tools are available in 8ga, 10ga, 12ga, 16ga, 20ga, 24ga, 28ga, 32ga, .410. They are made from steel and give the highest quality finish. 
They are designed to fit standard drill 3/8" chuck. To prevent them over heating they should not be turned at speed greater than 200RPM and a small amount of oil can be put inside the tool to help lubricate and prevent the plastic case from becoming damaged.
Alternative manufacturer may be provided if CGR not available.  
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Article Code Price Stock  
CGR 8ga RTO Head RTO8 £55.00 Yes
CGR 10ga RTO Head RTO10 £48.00 Yes
CGR 12ga RTO Head RTO12 £48.00 Yes
CGR 16ga RTO Head RTO16 £48.00 Yes
CGR 20ga RTO Head RTO20 £48.00 Yes
CGR 24ga RTO Head RTO24 £48.00 Yes
CGR 28ga RTO Head RTO28 £48.00 Yes
CGR 32ga RTO Head RTO32 £48.00 Yes
CGR .410 RTO Head RTO410 £48.00 Yes

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