Mec Clay Target Machines

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Mec Clay Target Machines

Mec Clay Target Machines

MEC's Clay Target Machines offer extreme tilt capabilities for unrivalled target presentations.  Our extensive product offering includes all of the machines that your club or own shooting range will need.  Look to our "E-Series" for a full line of 200, 300 and 400 bird machines, including skeet set and wobble variations.  Step up to MEC's exclusive "XP-Series" for extra heavy-duty motors and top-notch performance.


Becoming a great skeet shooter takes hard work and dedication. There is nothing better than learning through personal experience, but here are a few tips provided by the veteran shooters here at MEC Shooting Sports.

1.Safety first 

It is important that you wear the appropriate hearing and eye protection AT ALL TIMES. Handle all guns as though they are loaded; however, it is important to keep your gun unloaded until you are ready to shoot. In the event you must cross any sort of ditch, fence, stream etc., make sure your gun is unloaded. You also want to keep the muzzle always pointed down until you are ready to shoot, and do not ever point your gun at anything that you do not want to shoot.

2.Find the ideal gun fit

In order for your gun to shoot where you are looking, you need to make sure you have a correct gun fit. You can do a test to check your gun fit by setting up a target board at roughly 16 yards. Mount and shoot a few shots by pointing at the target, without aiming. If you find the highest density point is off centre, you are going to want to have your gun fitted.

3.Determine which eye is your dominant eye

A mistake many hunters make is the assumption that because they are right-handed, they have a dominant right eye, or vice versa with their left. This is not always the case. In order to check for eye dominance, stand tall and point to an object on the other side of the room. Close your left eye, and if you can still see the object at the end of your finger, you are right-eye dominant. If the object has moved, open your left eye and close your right. If the object is still at the end of your finger, you are left-eye dominant.

4.Practice your mounts with the gun unloaded

As with anything, practice makes perfect. This is true for even the best shots. Try to make 10 practice swings/mounts part of your daily routine. Practice in front of a mirror to see that you mount the gun from the same position on your face every time, careful to avoid mounting it to your shoulder. Stand with your feet narrow and focus on creating a smooth swing and follow through.

5.Focus on the target

While it may seem like common sense, training yourself to focus on the target rather than looking down the gun barrel or bead, takes practice. You do not want to aim, as aiming takes longer and you will find yourself shooting behind. Get in the habit of pointing.

6.Do not stop moving the barrel until you pull the trigger

You want to make sure you have consistent follow through and the best way to get this is to keep your barrel moving. Keep your dominant eye on the target and follow with the barrel.

7.Choose your target ahead of time during simultaneous shooting

Typically, you are going to want to shoot the lower target first. When the gun recoils, it will instinctively bring you to the higher target, unless you feel one is a more difficult shot or will disappear quickly.

8.Analyze misses and adjust accordingly

If you find yourself going through a missing streak, take a break and adjust. First, see if there is anything you need to change with your posture. Next, you want to look at your lead and increase or decrease as needed.

MEC's Clay Target Machines provide an excellent value for the money! The machines are dependable, extremely strong and robust. They're light enough to move around a sporting clays course with ease.