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Gualandi Slugs

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Gualandi Slugs

High Precision Slugs.

Please note we will ask to see an Section 1 FAC before dispatching slugs. 

12GA Gualandi Gualbo Slug 28.5gram

Extra light, under-guaged, self reducing in choking, damping on shooting. Ideal for sequence shooting such as practical shotgun, it favours quick sight for hitting moving targets. 

12GA Gualandi White Slug 32gram, 

16GA Gualandi Green Slug 28.5gram,

20GA Gualandi White Slug 25.5gram,

Lead Slugs Can be fired with throttles and rifled barrels. The progressive spiral line allows stability along trajectory and long distance precision. Self adjusting on closing. Includes a specific feature for screw trajectory so rifled chokes should be avoided as they would reduce precision. 

12GA Gualandi Gualbo Steel Slug 31.5gram,

GUALBO STEEL is a Borra-Proiettile (Slug) 12GA with an expanding steel slug, created, in order to increase the range of products for ungulate shooting, using a non-toxic material. It’s perfect to comply with the new trends without giving up the quality of a Borra-Proiettile Gualandi

Gualbo Steel - Load Data Recipes from Ballistic Products 

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Article Code Price Stock  
100 12ga Gualbo Slug 28.5g SLUG12285 £38.00 No
50 12ga Gualbo Steel 31.5g SLUG12ST32 £91.62 - £109.98 Yes
100 12ga White Slug 32g SLUG1232 £40.00 No
50 12ga Red Magnum Slug 40gram SLUG1240 £48.00 No
100 16ga Green Slug 28.5g SLUG16285 £38.00 No
100 20ga White Slug 25.5g SLUG20255 £38.00 No
50 12GA RSS-12 Rigid Structure Sabot Wad RSS1250 £15.24 No

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