Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

*-* Why does the MEC Powder Bushing Chart differ from those printed in some of the reloading guides?

MEC's Powder Bushing Chart shows the volumetric capacity of a given powder in relationship to various powder bushings. The amount listed on the MEC Powder Bushing Chart was calculated using a single stage machine with a standard lot of a given powder. A single stage reloader will general throw a slightly heavier charge than a progressive machine. The information supplied in some of the reloading guides may have been calculated using a progressive machine. For this reason, MEC always recommends the use of an accurate scale to verify the amount of powder dispensed. Other factors can also affect the amount of powder dispensed.

*-* Why does my reloader jam, or bottom out, half way down on the down stroke?

  • The resizing collet may be dry. Use Anti-Seize lubricant on the outside of the collet fingers.
  • May be shot or powder build-up inside the collet.
  • Wad guide may be set too low on progressive reloaders.

*-* What can I do about powder leaking out the top of my bar?

  • Grommet may be missing or need to be replaced.
  • Brass washer missing on the powder side or installed incorrectly.

*-* Primer not fully seated.

  • On progressive reloaders, lower the powder, or re-prime tube, slightly.

*-* Why is my charge bar throwing a lighter charge of shot from what it should drop?

  • Charge bar may not be returning back to the right every time.
  • High antimony or hard shot will throw a lighter charge

*-* Why are my bushings dropping different from what the bushing chart states?

  • Make sure that the charge bar is completely traveling to the left and to the right every time.
  • The bushing chart will supply the information of recommended bushings, but due to many factors, charges may vary and the use of a scale is highly recommended.

*-* Powder is leaking from bar. Both brass washer and brand new grommet are inserted.

  • The brass washer has four dimples on it that should face up into the rubber grommet.
  • With the rubber grommet and the brass washer installed, the powder should not leak out of the measure assembly.

*-* Can I still get parts for the MEC 250, 300, 310, or 400? Are any parts interchangeable?

  • There are no longer any parts available for the old 300, 310, and 400 reloaders and no parts are interchangeable.
  • The 250 has been out of production for over 40 years. There are no longer any parts available for this reloader and the current parts will not retrofit onto the 250

*-* My grabber is set up to load 2-3/4" shells. Is there a kit to convert it to 3"?


·Optional kits to load 3" shells for 12 and 20 gauge by purchasing kit number 8582-12 or 8582-20 (not available in .410 gauge)


*-* What do I have to do to safely change from reloading lead to steel shot and back again?  

  • A steel shot kit and charge bar must be installed for reloading steel shot.
  • Select a steel shot data sheet with appropriate propellant powder - regular lead shot powders are not suitable for steel. 
  • Once the kit is on, you will need to change the charge bars and powder bushing to suit your steel shot load. 

*-* On a MEC 8567 Grabber can a Universal charge bar be installed on it? Is this charge bar ok to use on this reloader?

  • The Universal charge bar is an aftermarket product which is made to work on all of the MEC reloaders. There are two versions available, Single Stage and Progressive.