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CGR Power Shot; High performance lead free alternative exclusive to Clay & Game.

Power Shot is heavier than lead, Hevi-Shot or ITM and is just under 13.5 g/cm3. It gives devastating long range killing power due to its high density pellets and hardness. The shot is made from sintered Tungsten and must always be used in a steel proofed gun with suitable protective wadding. Available in 2.8mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, please call for loading data and advice.


Do not use with choke. If Power Shot is put through heavy chokes it WILL damage the gun. Larger shot sizes will always cause more damage to chokes. 

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Article Code Price Stock  
1kg CGR Power Shot 2.5mm SHOTPOW251 £72.00 Yes
1kg CGR Power Shot 3.0mm SHOTPOW301 £72.00 Yes
1kg CGR Power Shot 3.5mm SHOTPOW351 £72.00 Yes
1kg CGR Power Shot 4.0mm SHOTPOW401 £72.00 Yes
1kg CGR Power Shot 4.5mm SHOTPOW451 £72.00 No

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