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Maxam PSB+2 Powder

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Maxam PSB+2 Powder

Medium burn rate, single base, flake powder.

Please be aware we are limiting powder purchases to a maximum of 2 bottles of this powder per customer. 

Alternative powders are being evaluated, with more information to follow. 


This powder is extremely versatile with loading recipes from 28GA gauge up to 8GA. It is used for medium to heavy lead loads and is a high performance powder able to achieve velocities of 1450fps plus. 


** PSB+2 Pink Flake Powder is the regular veriation. This is matched to the Data sheets available from our website. 


** PSB+2 Grey Flake Powder is slower burning and is more suited for faster 20GA and 28GA Lead loads. The Grey Flake powder uses a heavier powder charge, typicaly 15% increase over the Pink. For Load Data and Advice, please call our office. 


Available to order.

Delivery Information.

For enquiries about powders, please call Clay & Game's offices on

tel: 01482 631066

Powder Safety, Storage and Handling Information, Click HERE.

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0.5kg Maxam PSB+2 Pink Flake (DG) POWPSB2 £42.00 No
0.5kg Maxam PSB+2 Grey Flake (DG) POWPSB2GREY £36.00 No