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ITX Shot. Available in # 2,3,4,6 & US BB 4.5mm

ITX Shot. This shot has a density on 10.0g/cc so slightly lighter than lead but is hard enough to maintain superior patterning and penetration.


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Article Code Price Stock  
1kg ITX Shot No. 6 SHOTITX61 £54.90 Yes
1kg ITX Shot No. 4 SHOTITX41 £54.90 No
1kg ITX Shot No. 3 SHOTITX31 £54.90 No
1kg ITX Shot No. 2 SHOTITX21 £54.90 No
1kg ITX Shot No. BB SHOTITXBB1 £54.90 No
1kg ITX 00 Buck Shot SHOTITX00B £54.90 No