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Steel Shot

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Steel Shot

The highest quality and largest size range of steel shot.

We have our own steel shot manufactured to the highest standard currently on the market, and our product is used by reloaders and cartridge manufacturers throughout the UK, Europe and US.

All sizes are lubricated for ease of loading and the sizes used for live quarry are treated with an exclusive anti-rusting system.

  • C.I.P & SAAMI Approved
  • Deforms little upon firing, producing more even patterns.
  • Increased velocities when reloading produces greater strike energy.
  • Higher pellet counts on equivalent lead shot size due to lower density.
  • The cheapest, most widely used alternative.

Steel shot primarily used for shotgun cartridges but also has many other uses such as ballast weight, speaker stands, toys, gym weights and catapults. Please contact us for further information. 

Bulk Shot is packaged in 10-20KG Sacks. 

Steel Shot Sizes can be found: HERE

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Article Code Price Stock  
5kg Steel Shot #9 / 2.25mm SHOTS95 £19.50 Yes
5kg Steel Shot #7 / 2.54mm SHOTS75 £19.50 Yes
5kg Steel Shot #6 / 2.79mm SHOTS65 £19.50 Yes
5kg Steel Shot #5 / 3.05mm SHOTS55 £19.50 Yes
5kg Steel Shot #4 / 3.25mm SHOTS45 £19.50 Yes
5kg Steel Shot #3 / 3.56mm SHOTS35 £19.50 Yes
5kg Steel Shot #2 / 3.81mm SHOTS25 £19.50 Yes
5kg Steel Shot #1 / 4.06mm SHOTS15 £19.50 Yes
5kg Steel Shot B / 4.32mm SHOTSB5 £19.50 No
5kg Steel Shot BB / 4.57mm SHOTSBB5 £19.50 Yes
5kg Steel Shot BBB / 4.83mm SHOTSBBB5 £19.50 Yes
100Kg Steel Shot Bulk Pricing SHOTSBULK £351.00 Yes

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