The Status of Steel Manual, 18th edition

30 years in print: The world's most complete steel shot handloading resource

The 17th revision of The Status of Steel lists BPI's entire steel shot load library, almost 700 loads from 10ga to .410 bore. 

This manual dives right into the physics and fundamentals of steel shot ballistics. It also explains the ballistic advantages gained by using specific high-performance components and reloading techniques.

The 17th edition is greatly expanded with new components, like  TPS 28ga and .410 non-toxic shot wads. 

Updated chapters detail the evolution of the modern high-performance shotshell; defining a link from roots of invention to modern applications. 

  • Detailed illustrated component summary section with clear, easy-to-follow descriptions, specifications, and recommendations.
  • Comprehensive subject index and component abbreviation guide makes The Status of Steel an easy-to-use reference manual. Truly, it is the only manual of its kind in the world.
  • Extensive load data library with all our steel loads for 10, 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410.


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