High Precision Slugs from Gualandi.

Please note we will ask to see an FAC before dispatching slugs. 

12ga Gualbo Slug 28.5gram

Extra light, under-guaged, self reducing in choking, damping on shooting. Ideal for sequence shooting such as practical shotgun, it favours quick sight for hitting moving targets. 

12ga White Slug 32gram / 16ga Green Slug 28.5gram / 20ga White Slug 25.5gram

Can be fired with throttles and rifled barrels. The progressive spiral line allows stability along trajectory and long distance precision. Self adjusting on closing. Includes a specific feature for screw trajectory so rifled chokes should be avoided as they would reduce precision. 

Article Code Price Stock  
100 12ga White Slug 32g SLUG1232 £38.00 Yes
100 12ga Gualbo Slug 28.5g SLUG12285 £38.00 Yes
100 16ga Green Slug 28.5g SLUG16285 £38.00 Yes
100 20ga White Slug 25.5g SLUG20255 £38.00 Yes
50 12ga Red Magnum Slug 40gram SLUG1240 £48.00 No