Maxam CSB5 Powder

Fast burn, single based, flake powder.

This powder is used for 12 gauge lead loads ranging from 21 grams to 32 grams so ideal for clay shooting or light game loads. Capable of high performance loads reaching 1500fps. 

CSB5 powder is fast and clean burning, used for clay and pigeon loads. It uses less powder than many other similar powders such as Vectan AS. This is the powder to use if you want to cut the cost of your 12ga loads. High performance at the best price. 

14kg drums are now available to buy.  

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Article Code Price Stock  
0.5kg Maxam CSB5 (DG) POWCSB5 £28.80 Yes
14kg Maxam CSB5 - Bulk Drum (DG) POWCSB5BULK £663.60 No
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