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12ga 28gram & 32gram Plastic Wads

These wads have 'V' raked walls and a double '0' self-adjusting compression unit helping reduce felt recoil to a minimum. 

To prevent gas leakage, these wads have a secondary seal at the base of the shot cup just incase any damage caused to the first one during the loading process. This ensures there is a consistent, hard hitting close pattern. 

12ga Gualandi V-Zero 23 Wads.

These wads will hold 32 grams of lead shot in a 70mm PT case.


12ga Gualandi V-Zero 25 Wads. 

12 ga Gualandi V-Zero 25 Wads. Designed for 28 grams of lead in a 70mm PT case. This wad has a multi-pin gas dispersing cup which keeps the wad on top of the propellant letting the expanding gases maintain a radial sealing pressure on the powder cup walls.

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Article Code Price Stock  
250 12ga V-Zero 23 WAD12V023 £9.00 Yes
1000 12ga V-Zero 23 Wads WAD12V023L £32.76 Yes
5000 12ga V-Zero 23 Wads WAD12VO23BULK £156.54 No
250 12ga V-Zero 25 WAD12V025 £9.00 Yes
1000 12ga V-Zero 25 Wads WAD12V025L £33.60 No
5000 12ga V-Zero 25 Wads WAD12VO25BULK £168.00 No

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