Fits MEC Single Stage Machines.

Universal Charge Bar C/CS for MEC Single Stage Machine. This charge bar is designed to fit all MEC single stage machines. The micrometer style settings allow the powder and shot voids to be quickly and easily altered to change what charge they drop. This is ideal for anyone who is making more than one type of cartridge as it removes the need to have multiple different MEC charge bars. Once this item is bought and installed, the user can make unlimited loads with all types of shot. It is not calibre specific and is very easily installed.
This bar comes with a powder baffle which makes the metering of powder more accurate. Its spring loaded powder trap is designed to keep pressure on the grommet and washer seal to reduce migration caused by the bar movement.
Not ideal for .410 or 28GA machines. Please check the Shuttle Bar for thse smaller gauges. 

Last Remaining Stock. These are no longer in production.


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