Tungsten Shot

Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) / SpheroTungsten

Tungston Super Shot (TSS) is available in 18g/cm3 density.

Tungston Orignial is available in 15g/cm3 density. 


WARNING - Any Tungsten based shot can damage the barrels of your gun. 

To avoid choke damage, use cylinder or maximum 1/4 choke.

Correct protective wadding MUST be used. (e.g. TPS Wads & Consider Mylar Wraps) Check wads for shot penetration after firing. 

Always use matching case length for your gun. (e.g. Do not use 2 3/4" in a 3" Magnum gun, as the shot will damage the forcing cone.)


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Article Code Price Stock  
1KG Tungsten Super Shot 18 2.00mm SHOTST189 £76.00 Yes
1KG Tungsten Super Shot 18 2.25mm SHOTST188 £76.00 Yes
1KG Tungsten Super Shot 18 2.40mm SHOTST187 £76.00 No
1KG Tungsten Super Shot 18 2.70mm SHOTST186 £76.00 No
1KG SpheroTungsten Original Shot 15 2.54mm SHOTST157 £70.00 No