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BPI Trim Doctor for trimming and disassembling cases.

The Trim Doctor is two tools in one; a cartridge case length trimmer that produces exacting cuts and short cases, and a case disassembly tool. A threaded adjustment gauge in the Trim Doctor holds shells in alignment to produce a clean and crimpable edge. The Trim Doctor is designed to remove 1/4" at a time - about the same as a full fold crimp. Two full cuts on a 10ga case will produce a 2 7/8". 

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Article Code Price Stock  
BPI Trim Doctor II in 10ga TRIMDOC10 £36.00 No
BPI Trim Doctor II in 12ga TRIMDOC12 £36.00 No
BPI Trim Doctor II in 16ga TRIMDOC16 £36.00 Yes
BPI Trim Doctor II in 20ga TRIMDOC20 £36.00 No
Trim Doctor Replacement Blades (10 pack) TRIMDOCBLA £10.50 Yes
10ga Trim Doctor Bushing TRIMDOCB10 £7.50 Yes
12ga Trim Doctor Bushing TRIMDOCB12 £7.50 No
16ga Trim Doctor Bushing TRIMDOCB16 £7.50 No
20ga Trim Doctor Bushing TRIMDOCB20 £7.50 No

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