Spolar Gold Premier Reloader

Spolar reloader, the Spolar Gold shotshell reloader is World famous for reloading shotgun shells for Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays,and Hunting

The Spolar Gold Premier Reloader combines precision reloading with well thought-through engineering to ensure the highest level of reloading. 
  • Precision machined from T6-6061 aircraft aluminum and steel
  • Engineered to utilize maximum leverage
  • Sealed ball bearing movement
  • Low primer warning system
  • Electronic shot, powder and primer setting system
  • Two final crimps
  • Available in 12ga, 16ga, 20ga, 28ga & .410
  • Change gauges in five minutes or less, with no adjustments
  • Remove cartridge at any time, from any position
  • Simultaneous wad and shot drop
  • Utilise right or left side handle or Power Load Hydraulic
  • Threaded shot and powder tubes for stability
  • Easy to change shot and powder bushings, standard
  • Aluminum 400 primer tray, standard
  • 10kg shot capacity, standard
  • Shell counter
  • Die Lube
  • Spolar Quality back by Spolar Quality Service



Article Code Price Stock  
Spolar Gold Premier Reloader - Machine Base SPOL-GPRELOADER £2115.00 Yes
Spolar Gold - 12ga Tooling Assembly SPOL-GPC12 £537.00 Yes
Spolar Gold - 16ga Tooling Assembly SPOL-GPC16 £537.00 No
Spolar Gold - 20ga Tooling Assembly SPOL-GPC20 £537.00 Yes
Spolar Gold - 28ga Tooling Assembly SPOL-GPC28 £537.00 Yes
Spolar Gold - .410 2 1/2'' Tooling Assembly SPOL-GPC410 £537.00 Yes
Spolar Power Load Gold Hydraulic SPOL-HYDR £1925.00 Yes