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SpheroBismuth Bismuth Shot

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SpheroBismuth Bismuth Shot

SpheroBismuth starts with a superior spherical form, it is then superbly polished.

Bismuth shot hits like lead shot, but won't harm barrels and chokes, which means that it is ideal for use as a non-toxic shot in fine double-barrel shotguns, smallbore shotguns and any other shotguns with fixed chokes. Care and proper loading techniques must be observed in order to load bismuth shot effectively.

USFWS-approved non-toxic, beautifully consistent, dense, and it will be drop-dead lethal in your loads.

Overall Pellet Softness: Bismuth is the softest metal of all available non-toxic shot types. Bismuth is much softer than any barrel iron and steel shotgun barrels. Therefore it is the non-toxic shot that is easiest on your fine shotgun.

Sizes: Sizes available for a wide range of game; from heavy goose loads down to upland loads. (#BB, B, 2)

Density: 9.75 g/cc, standard range > 9.55

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1KG SpheroBismuth #BB 4.57mm SHOTSPHBISBB1 £56.10 No
1KG SpheroBismuth #B 4.27mm SHOTSPHBISB1 £56.10 No
1KG SpheroBismuth #2 3.75mm SHOTSPHBIS21 £56.10 No