Ponsness Warren Patriot

Ponsness Warren's Flagship Model

The Patriot is Ponsness Warren's flagship model. This loader is designed for high volume cartridge production. We would recommend always using new cases with Ponesness Warren progressive loaders and using them for one load. Once set up, these machines make loading a breeze but it is not ideal to keep changing between different loads. 

The Patriot includes several unique features which are not found in any other reloader current on the marketplace. These features combine to maximize your reloading enjoyment and productivity:

  • Needle Bearings in the base unit

  • Bronze bushings in the crosshead & wad carrier

  • Case-activated shot and powder

  • Large primer tray

  • Primer track tapper

  • Primer tray wave system (self-induced vibration)

  • Large locking spent-primer box

  • Ergonomical handle

  • External adjusting shell seating post

  • Double-charge locking system (setting the standard in safety)

  • Lead or steel shot reloading capability

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Ponsness Warren Patriot 12ga PWPATRIOT12 £1486.00 Yes
Ponsness Warren Patriot Shell Feed PWPATFEED £488.00 Yes