Ponsness Warren Auto Drive

This new, easy-to-install unit is super quiet when operating.  The AUTO-DRIVE features a smooth, heavy-duty electric motor which has a built-in brake system, making sure the system will stop instantly, with no creep or unwanted movement.  The actuating arm is equipped with a slip clutch system, allowing the arm to slip or stop under too much pressure.

The AUTO-DRIVE is easily operated by moving forward/reverse control lever.  The full pivoting system allows the arm to work in one continuous motion.  If you need to reverse the system, simply reverse the control lever.

The AUTO-DRIVE comes fully assembled and mounted on the steel base.  All mounting holes are pre-drilled.  Installs on all Ponsness/Warren progressive shotshell reloading machines.

PLEASE NOTE:  The P/W AUTO-DRIVE system is available in one gearhead speed.

*  900 Revs Per Hour

Article Code Price Stock  
Auto Drive - Hand Operated AUTODR £990.00 No
Auto Drive - Foot Operated AUTODRF £1043.00 Yes