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Other Primers

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Other Primers

Primers For Rifle, Pistol and Musket Loading.
Other 209 Primers for Shotgun Loading.

We require to see a valid Firearms Certificate to sell Rifle or Pistol primers, Under Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006, Section 35.

Be aware that these 209 Primers are New Old Stock or Historic. 

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Article Code Price Stock  
100 x .22 Shot 6mm Smokeless Blanks (DG) VIC226MM1 £10.70 No
200 x RWS No1081 4 Wing Musket Caps (DG) RWSMUK1081 £31.40 No
1000 x Remington Magnum Large Rifle Primers No 9.5 (DG) REMMAGLR1K £73.50 No
100 x Federal 209A Primer (DG) FED209A100 £5.00 No
1000 x CCI Large Rifle Primers No.200 (DG) CCILRP1K £99.00 No
1000 x CCI Magnum Large Rifle Primers No.250 (DG) CCIMLRP1K £107.30 No
1000 x Winchester Large Rifle Primers (DG) WINLRP1K £99.00 No
1000 x CCI Small Rifle Primers No.400 (DG) CCISRP1K £99.00 No
1000 x CCI Magnum Large Pistol Primers No.350 (DG) CCIMLPP1K £107.30 No
150 x Fiocchi Large Pistol Primers (DG) FIOLPP150 £6.75 No
1000 x CCI Large Pistol Primer No.300 (DG) CCILPP1K £99.00 No
1000 x CCI Small Pistol Primer No.500 (DG) CCISPP1K £99.00 No
100 x CCI Percussion Cap No.11 (DG) CCIPC100 £5.95 No