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MEC Sizemaster is the supreme MEC single stage reloading machine.

MEC Sizemaster is the supreme MEC single stage reloading machine for loading lead. It's greatest attribute is the highly accurate 'Power Ring' collet resizer, which returns every case back to factory specification. It also has the MEC automastic primer feed system fitted as standard so there is no need to handle individual primers. The machine comes adjustable for 2 3/4'' and 3'' cartridges. 

Primer feed not available for .410

Gauge Charge Bar Bushing
10ga 2oz 37,40,44
12ga 1  1/8oz 29,30,32
16ga 1oz 23,25,29
20ga 7/8oz 20,22,24
28ga 3/4oz 14,16,21
.410  2  1/2" 1/2oz 10,11,12
.410  3" 11/16oz 10,11,12

Add 'Reloader Set Up' to your basket and we'll set your new loader up!

This includes correct bushings and bar for your loader where applicable. Save time and get to use your loader straight out the box. We will contact you when the order is palced to discuss your requirements. 

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Article Code Price Stock  
Reloader Set Up SETUP £24.00 Yes
10ga Mec Sizemaster 812010 £379.50 Yes
12ga Mec Sizemaster 812012 £379.50 Yes
16ga Mec Sizemaster 812016 £379.50 No
20ga Mec Sizemaster 812020 £379.50 Yes
28ga Mec Sizemaster 812028 £379.50 No
.410 Mec Sizemaster 8120410 £379.50 No