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MEC Ex-Demo and Used

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MEC Ex-Demo and Used

Ex-Demo or Used MEC Items

All items are cleaned, checked and confirmed suitable for re-sale. 

** .410 Sizemaster with Universal Shuttle Bar -This machine comes clean as new, including:

  • Universal shuttle bar
  • Three powder bushes
  • Two brand new bottles
  • Brand new plastic crimp starter. 


** 12GA Sizemaster with Universal Charge Bar - This machines comes clean as new, including:

  • Universal charge bar. 
  • Brass Crown Crimper
  • Large and Small Bottle
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Article Code Price Stock  
MEC .410 Sizemaster & Universal Shuttle Bar - Used MECSIZEUS410 £395.10 No
MEC 12GA Sizemaster & Universal Charge Bar - Used MECSIZEUU12 £395.10 No
MEC 12GA 600JR Mk5 - Ex-Demo MEC600JREX12 £265.00 No
MEC 20GA 600JR Mk5 - Ex-Demo MEC600JREX20 £265.00 No