MEC 100E

MEC introduces the new 100E clay target machine, built with the same quality materials and high standards as the larger models.

This trap is perfect for small clubs and personal use. 

  • Holds 135 standard targets
  • Machine height 28'' when elevated
  • Throwing distance easy 85 yards
  • Tilts back 50 degrees and has left tilt of 30 degrees to offer varying presentations
  • Cycle time of 1.5 seconds
  • Meets the same heavy duty standards as the larger traps
  • Compact size makes transportation easy

Optional Accessories

  • Wobble & Skeet bases offered to increase shooting presentations
  • Tilt base also offered which allows for 35 degrees left, 35 degrees right and back 60 degrees
  • MEC T-Carts allow for safe and easy transportation

Article Code Price Stock  
MEC 100E Sporter 120100E1 £984.00 No
MEC 100E With Tilt Base 120100ET5 £1089.00 No
MEC 100E Wobble 120100EW5 £1945.00 Yes