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Cartridge Testing

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In House Testing

Allow us to test your loads for pressure and velocity results.

Our in house test facility allows us (and you!) to know everything you're loading is safe. The test lab produces cartridge pressure and velocity results against CIP standards. 

This means we can supply precise information about the cartridges you're loading. Anything from softer shooting clay cartridges, to high velocity steel loads, you can be sure your loads are performing as you need them to. 

Test barrels are currently available for 10ga 3 1/2'', 12ga 3'' - 2 1/2'', 16ga,  20ga, 28ga & .410

8GA barrel is currently not available. 


Pre-made cartridges can be dropped with us for testing, either at game fairs or to our warehouse. A minimum of 8 cartridges is required to obtain the most accurate results. These are put through the lab and a test certificate is produced, detailing the average pressure, velocity and whether they conform to CIP standards.
Pre-made cartridges - Cost shown below.  


We can also offer cartridge development and put loads together in house. This is ideal for those who can't get loaded cartridges to us or want to develop a specific load. Just tell us the components you want to use, or what you're looking to produce...and we'll do the rest for you. 
Loads put together in house/load development - Costs shown below.  

For Non-Toxic development, a purchase of some shot types may be requested to do the development with.

If ordering online, please include specific load details in the order delivery fields. Alternatively, we will contact you to confirm. 

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Article Code Price Stock  
Clay & Game Testing - Pre Loaded Cartridges TESTLOAD £24.00 Yes
Clay & Game Testing - Loaded in House/Load Development Lead & Steel TESTLOAD2 £30.00 Yes
Clay & Game Testing - 10Ga - 20Ga Loaded in House/Load Development Other Non-Toxic TESTLOADNONTOX £48.00 Yes
Clay & Game Testing - 28Ga -.410 Loaded in House/Load Development Other Non-Toxic TESTLOADSBNONTOX £38.00 Yes