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GAEP Ex-Display Items

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GAEP Ex-Display Items

Limited Quantity Items From GAEP.

All items are cleaned, checked and confirmed suitable for re-sale. 

** GAEP VS-2000 12GA 6pnt Kit Machines, come with Brand new 12GA 6pnt crimp tooling and Brand New Shot and Powder Droppers. Will need a 12GA Crimp Finisher to finalise the crimp.

** GAEP Poultry Plucker. 230v Italian plug installed, will require UK plug replacement. High Power motor with rubber stubbs for feather plucking without damage to the birds.

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Article Code Price Stock  
GAEP Poultry Plucker (New Open Box) GAEPPP £376.20 - £415.00 Yes
GAEP VS-2000 4 Station 12GA 6pnt Ex-Demo Machine GAEPVS2000EX12 £650.00 No
GAEP Replacement Lead Dropper Shut-Off, Baffle & Tube GAEPRLD £55.00 No
GAEP Replacement Lead Dropper Shut-Off Only GAEPRLDS £30.00 No
GAEP 20GA 4 part Tooling Set 6pnt GAEP4TOOL206P £120.00 No
GAEP .410 4 part Tooling Set 8pnt GAEP4TOOL4108P £120.00 No
GAEP NEW 20GA 6pnt Starter GAEP206PN £76.20 No
GAEP NEW 28GA 6pnt Starter GAEP286PN £76.20 No
GAEP NEW Plastic Tube GAEPPLTUBE £19.20 No
GAEP Tube O-Ring GAEPTORING £1.50 No