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Eley Lead Cartridges

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Eley Lead Cartridges

Please be aware that products are not at current prices.

All cartridges must be collected in person from our warehouse.

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250 12GA Select, 28g, 7.5 shot, Plastic (DG) EYSELP122875 £82.00 No
250 12GA Select, 28g, 7.5 shot, Fibre (DG) EYSELF122875 £84.00 No
250 12GA VIP Game, 32g, 5 shot, Fibre (DG) EYVIPF12325 £133.00 No
250 12GA Grand Prix HV, 32g, 5 shot, Fibre (DG) EYGPHVF12325 £131.00 No