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The CX1000, a dependable and powerful primer

Cheddite primers have been used in across Europe for the last 25 years. They are the most consistent primer available and continue to be our most popular choice.

  • The CX1000 primer is the middle level of the Cheddite primers.
  • To be used in 28GA and high pressured loads to reduce breech pressure.
  • Lacquer sealant on the top of the primer
  • Suitable for Cheddite cases

Primers are Hazardous Class 1.4s. These are not able to be sent via standard mail or courier. We can offer delivery via Hazardous courier (information can be found Here), or you may collect in person. 

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100 Cheddite CX1000 Primers (DG) PRIME100CX1 £6.00 Yes
1,000 Cheddite CX1000 Primers (DG) PRIME1000CX1 £57.00 Yes