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3/8in Fibre Wad

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3/8in Fibre Wad

These wads are made from a denser material than the 1/2" material we offer and work well as a cushion or spacer in shotshells that need a thinner wad for proper column height. Being biodegradable, these wads are particularly well suited for modern shotshells without plastic wad litter. Can be used without a nitro card.

Available to order in the following sizes;
10ga, 11ga, 12ga, 13ga, 14ga, 15ga, 16ga, 17ga, 18ga, 19ga, 20ga, 24ga, 28ga, .360, .372, .410, .430, .450, .460

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Article Code Price Stock  
250 13ga 3/8in Fibre Wad WAD13FIB38 £12.00 No
250 16ga 3/8in Fibre Wads WAD16FIB38 £12.00 No
250 .460 3/8in Fibre Wad WAD430FIB38 £12.00 Yes
250 .410 3/8in Fibre Wad WAD410FIB38 £12.00 No