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MagTech Brass Cases

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MagTech Brass Cases

We are unable to sell these or any reloading components outside of the UK.

Magtech brass cases are designed for traditional black powder loads.

Please note that the primer pocket accommodates a large pistol primer.

Fibre wads and cards will need to be oversized i.e. 12ga cases will require 11ga wads & nitro cards, with a 10ga overshot. 

  • Ready to load and unprimed
  • Large pistol primer required
  • 25/box

Further informatin available in Ballistic Products Reloading Brass Shotshells manual. 

These are NOT Primed. Please phone to purchase these items.

MagTech Brass

Inner Diam.

Nitro Card & Fiber Wad

Overshot card

12ga Brass Shotshell

approx .765"



16ga Brass Shotshell

approx .701"



20ga Brass Shotshell

approx .652"



24ga Brass Shotshell

approx .622"



28ga Brass Shotshell

approx .585"



.410 Brass Shotshell -

approx .433"




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Article Code Price Stock  
25 MagTech Brass Cases 12ga 2 1/2inch (DG) MAGTECH12 £25.80 Yes
25 MagTech Brass Cases 16ga 2 1/2inch (DG) MAGTECH16 £25.80 Yes
25 MagTech Brass Cases 20ga 2 1/2inch (DG) MAGTECH20 £25.80 Yes
25 MagTech Brass Cases 24ga 2 1/2inch (DG) MAGTECH24 £25.80 No
25 MagTech Brass Cases 28ga 2 1/2inch (DG) MAGTECH28 £25.80 Yes
25 MagTech Brass Cases 32ga 2 1/2inch (DG) MAGTECH32 £25.80 No
25 MagTech Brass Cases .410 2 1/2inch (DG) MAGTECH410 £25.80 Yes

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