Available in 14mm, 16mm and 20mm.

20ga 14mm, 16mm and 20mm Capped Fibre Wads

20ga 14mm Capped Fibre Wads. Fibre wads are made of a man made fibrous material impregnated with a mix of bitumen and paraffin wax. These wads are capped top and bottom with a thin paper cover. This helps prevent shot from becoming embedded in the fibre while under acceleration forces. These wads require a nitro card underneath to act as a gas sealant. 




Article Code Price Stock  
500 20ga Fibre Wads 14mm WAD20FIB14 £14.04 Yes
500 20ga Fibre Wads 16mm WAD20FIB16 £14.04 Yes
500 20ga Fibre Wads 18mm WAD20FIB18 £14.04 No
500 20ga Fibre Wads 20mm WAD20FIB20 £14.04 Yes