12ga Gualandi Super-G Spreader ( Scatterer) Wads. Available in 32gram and 28gram.

12 ga Gualandi Super-G Spreader ( Scatterer)  Wads. These wads will hold 32 grams or 28 grams of lead shot in a 70mm PT case. Designed to give consistent open patterns at relatively close range. This is useful when hunting in woods or for first shots from a single barrel auto or pump gun. For maximum effectiveness it is recommended not to use shot size bigger that 2.4mm which will also ensure the centre spreader does not get crushed when crimping the case. Works best with a roll turnover, however, crimp will still work. 

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250 12ga Scatterer 28gr WAD12SCAT28 £7.50 Yes
250 12ga Scatterer 32gr WAD12SCAT32 £7.50 Yes