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Gualandi’s SUPER-G Magnum, H-12

All shot cups have pre-slit petals, an oval compression unit and can hold up to 42 grams of Lead shot. The Magnum can also hold 28g of Steel shot up to a maximum Ø of 3.5 mm.It can also be used with ITM, ITX, or Tin shot.

H-12 can only be used with Lead or compressible types of shot.

12ga Gualandi Super-G 14 wads- Now Retired. Please use the Green H-12 as an alternative.
12ga Gualandi H-12 Wads - ideal for 70mm PT cases holding 36-42 grams of Lead Shot.

12ga Gualandi G-Magnum ideal for 70mm PT cases holding 40grams of Lead Shot or 40 grams of ITM or 28grams of Steel Shot.

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Article Code Price Stock  
500 12ga Gualandi H-12 Wads WAD12GUAH12 £15.00 Yes
250 12ga Super G Magnum Wads WAD12SGMAG £11.40 Yes

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