The MEC Steelmaster is designed specifically to load steel cartridges.

MEC Steelmaster is the steel version of the Sizemaster. It is specifically desgined to load steel shot cartridges, but works equally well with other non toxic shot as well as lead. The Steelmaster is set up for 3 1/2'' and with the addition of a MEC Short Kit can can load 2 3/4'' and 3'' making this machine not only high quality but also extremely versatile.

The machines come in 10ga 3 1/2'' and 12ga 3 1/2'' and die sets are available in .410 to 10ga. 

Article Code Price Stock  
10ga MEC 3 1/2'' Steelmaster 863910 £369.00 Yes
12ga MEC 3'' Steelmaster 863912 £369.00 No
12ga MEC 3 1/2'' Steelmaster 875512 £369.00 Yes