The 8567N Grabber has everything you need for high-speed, efficient operation and unbeatable precision.


The ten different operations at six stations speedily produce a finished shell with every stroke of the handle. It has a fully automatic primer feed, as well a auto-cycle charging and MEC's exclusive three stage crimp. 

The 'Power Ring' resizer gives consistent, accurately sized shells for optimum gun performance, without interupting the reloading sequence. The operator simply puts in the wads and cases and removes a loaded shell with each pull of the handle. 

Available in .410, 28ga, 20ga, 16ga and 12ga.

Article Code Price Stock  
12ga Mec Grabber 8567N12 £495.00 No
16ga Mec Grabber 8567N16 £515.00 No
20ga Mec Grabber 8567N20 £495.00 Yes
28ga Mec Grabber 8567N28 £515.00 Yes
.410 Mec Grabber 8567N410 £515.00 No