.410 Waxed Cork & Fibre Wads

Available in 7mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm.

These wads are fully biodegradable.The wax coating lubricates the wad making the loading process easier. It is capped both ends and can be sat directly on top of the powder or can be used with a nitro card if required. 


Article Code Price Stock  
500 .410 7mm Fibre Wads WAD410FBR7 £14.40 No
500 .410 Waxed Cork Wads 9mm WAD410CRK9 £13.50 No
500 .410 Waxed Cork Wads 12mm WAD410CRK12 £13.50 Yes
500 .410 Waxed Cork Wads 15mm WAD410CRK15 £13.50 No
500 .410 Waxed Cork Wads 20mm WAD410CRK20 £13.50 Yes